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New product! 1983-1986 Mustang 4-eyed terminator style bumper now available.
This is a 4 piece kit which includes 2 fog light bezels, front lip, and the front bumper.
Bumper kit will be on sale as a kit and we will sell the bumper by itself if requested. Now you can have your 4-eyed Fox body stand out from the crowd.
Bumper Materials:

Kit includes
- Front bumper
- Fog light bezels (pair)
- Front lip

Kit comes with hardware for front lip only. You will need to use your stock header panel and lights. May fit other fox body models with modifications or getting a different hood specific to 83-86 Mustangs.

Feel free to ask questions.

For International customers, please read "Shipping Info" section.


*All bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, or hoods require professional installation. That means that these parts need to be done by experienced body shops that have done bodykits before, not just a regular collision shop. Due to the fact that these are aftermarket parts, some modifications of the parts and/or vehicles maybe necessary. Make sure an installation fit has been done first before priming and painting. Once painting has been done, it is very difficult to modify to fit without destroying the paint. You would have to paint again!


Fiberglass parts have a primer finish, which can be sanded and painted on. A primer coat, sanding, trimming, cutting, shaving, refilling, remolding, removing reinforcement bar or shock absorber may be necessary to ensure proper fitment.


All Aftermarket Fiberglass body kit parts do require pre-fitting onto the car before they are painted and installed
PLEASE NOTE: We do not keep this item in stock, this is a "Special Order" item and will be made once the order has been placed.




1983-1986 Mustang Terminator Style Front Bumper


  • For International Orders please contact us for an accurate quote to your specific zip code... if you already placed an order we will contact you with shipping rate.

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