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Now available to order and shipping 4-6 weeks from purchase date


If you dare to be different and stand out from the rest with this REFLECTIONS Carbon fiber hood your C8 is surely gonna break some necks!


Video and pictures don't do any justice on how incredible this carbon looks in person, the reflections come alive under the sun and the spects of color just pop in different angles. 


Full carbon top and fiberglass/composite bottom side.


Only a few colors available in reflections carbon fiber and what C8 colors they would look great with

Blue - Elkhart Blue

Red - Torch Red and Red Mist

Silver - Silver Flare and Hypersonic Gray

Gold - Accelerate Yellow

Copper - Sebring Orange and Amplify Orange

Green - no stock C8 color match unless your C8 is wrapped

Purple - no stock C8 color match unless your C8 is wrapped


Weight reduction is minimal since the original hood is already very light. There will only be about a 15-20% in weight savings.


Hood will be an easy install and will use all existing hardware from your original hood.


There is no need to clear coat since we have already included a UV clear coat to protect your Carbon Fiber hood.


Install can be easily done in 15-20 minutes.



2020+ Corvette C8 Reflections Carbon Fiber OEM Style Hood

  • INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Please contact us before purchasing for accurate shipping quote. Please note our shipping costs DO NOT include duties and fees unless you request for us to include them.

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