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🛑 Updated 6/21: due to high demand after you place your order please allow:



Here's what every Z06 owner has been waiting for! Please read for option descriptions


If you are one of the lucky ones to have ordered the highly demanded 2023 Z06 Corvette but unfortunatelly it wouldn't have the Aero Package included, here at Sigala Designs we currently are in the process of manufacturing all the components to complete the unique look of your Z06!



INSTALL: We are based in San Diego, California and we have an experienced travel team available to do on location install anywhere in the 48 contiguous states, cost to most states is $2900-$3200 (travel expenses + install), it takes our intallers about 7 hrs to complete it in the convenience of your own home, if interested pick option "Interested/Invoice me" and once you complete purchase we will email you a click to pay invoice based on your state.


HOLE COVER PIECE: If your Z06 came with a low wing, we are sorry to announce that the low wing has a total of 10 holes, yes 10 holes! So we at Sigala Designs came out with what we believe, and many customers agree, the best option to cover the holes if you dont't want to go thru the trouble of getting the body work done, please browse thru pictures to see the hole cover option and then pick the option "Interested/Invoice me", once you place the order we will contact you to specify color and invoice you for $250


The Z06 Aero kit for all 2023+ Z06 Corvette includes:

Z06 High Wing Spoiler

Z06 Side Skirts

Z06 3 pc Front Splitter

Dive Planes

2024+ Corvette E-Ray Z06 Carbon Flash Aero Package

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